Introducing Flashstuffer, the world's most
advanced cookie-stuffing script...
LIMITED availability at a price you won't believe...

Give me 1 minute of your time and I'll convince you that Flashstuffer is not only the most advanced cookie-stuffing script commercially available today but also offers the best value for money. I won't waste your time with B.S. or hype, just the facts. Start the clock.

Flashstuffer can perform FIVE types of cookie-stuffing:

  • Forum stuffing - and YES, it can even blank the referrer!
  • Own page stuffing - stuff cookies using Flash on your own pages, almost impossible to detect. Can even spoof the referrer!
  • 3rd party page stuffing - stuff cookies on other websites that allow you to embed Flash! Can also send a spoofed referrer.
  • Favicon stuffing - a little known stuffing technique that doesn't require ANY cookie-stuffing code on your page...even sends a blank referrer!
  • Mobile stuffing (BETA) - stuff mobile devices (cellphones, tablets) without Flash.

40 seconds left...

Flashstuffer uses Flash to stuff cookies on your own pages or 3rd party pages. Flash is by far the most sophisticated way to stuff cookies and very difficult to detect. Forum stuffing uses the normal image technique, not Flash. Here are some of the features that any Flashstuffer cookie-stuffing campaign can make use of:

  • Filter by IP, user-agent, country, city/region, ZIP/area code (US only), date/time, hour, day of the week, referrer - control who gets stuffed and who doesn't.
  • Limit cookie-stuffing by referrer, date/time, number of hits, number of cookies stuffed.
  • Expire the campaign after a specified time period or at a specific date/time.
  • Control the CTR - if you don't want to cookie-stuff every visitor then only stuff some of them, thus lowering your CTR...
  • Individual control over the CTR and geotargeting for EACH affiliate URL in a single campaign. For example, stuff UK visitors with a UK affiliate cookie, US visitors with a US cookie and so on, and control the CTR for each URL independently.
  • Blank the referrer - works for all campaign types, whether you're stuffing cookies on your own pages, 3rd party pages or forums.
  • Detect proxies and choose whether or not to stuff anyone who's using a proxy.
  • Rotate up to 100 affiliate URLs, so you're not dropping the same cookie every time, or drop a random cookie from your list each time a target is cookie-stuffed.
  • Drop up to 100 cookies in one go! (only works when stuffing cookies on your own pages or 3rd party pages, not forum/favicon stuffing).
  • Use Flashstuffer as a link cloaker to turn long ugly URLs into nice short ones like However, unlike other link cloakers Flashstuffer will stuff the target with up to 100 cookies first, then redirect them to the destination URL!
  • Cookie-stuff visitors to your website with a pop-up or pop-under. Imagine this - someone visits a page on your site, a pop-under opens in the background, cookie-stuffs them with up to 100 cookies and then redirects to any URL you choose...
  • Cookie-stuff your visitors with a banner, a Flash game or even a video! Looks completely innocent. Alternatively you can do it invisibly without displaying anything.
  • Subid tracking for forum stuffing campaigns. If you're using affiliate URLs that allow a subid or tracking ID then give each forum its own unique ID (or allow Flashstuffer to generate IDs automatically for each forum) and Flashstuffer will dynamically insert it into your affiliate URLs. Find out which forums are making you the most money!!! More importantly, reduce your exposure by eliminating forums that aren't making any money for you...
  • Optional time delay before cookie is dropped - useful if you're competing with other forum stuffers, make your cookie drop after theirs so YOU get the commission! Works with all campaign types and can even be randomized.
  • User-agent CTR - when blocking certain user-agents (like bots), apply an optional CTR to allow them through sometimes, making your traffic patterns look more natural!
  • Iframe stuffing mode. We all know Flash stuffing is the choice of the professional, but Flashstuffer wouldn't be complete without an iframe stuffing feature - for those times when an entire page load is required. It even fakes the referrer!
  • Dynamic variable insertion into cookie-stuff URLs - allows you to insert GET variables into your cookie-stuffing URLs on-the-fly! Great for passing keywords, subids, anything you want.

Time's up, if you're not interested by now you never will be...

Good, so you're still there. Ok, we all know that there are two golden rules when it comes to cookie-stuffing:

  1. Don't get greedy.
  2. Don't get caught.

I can't help you with number one, but as far as not getting caught is concerned, Flashstuffer has your back:

  • Option to automatically stop any cookie-stuffing campaign as soon as your referrers are investigated (i.e. the referrers you'll be leaving at the affiliate network whose cookies you're stuffing) or whenever somebody views the page source and tries to directly access your Flashstuffer URL. When campaigns are stopped, all cookie-stuffing stops until you restart the campaign.
  • Referrer blanking double-check - makes sure the referrer is actually blank before continuing.
  • Browser cookies, Flash cookies and IP addresses are used to tag visitors and make sure you don't cookie-stuff the same target twice.
  • Hostname filter - find out the hostname of the affiliate network whose cookies you're stuffing and add it to this filter, nobody from that hostname will be stuffed!
  • One time only stuffing - (optional) - only those visitors arriving on your landing page from a special redirect link will get cookie-stuffed. This means if they report your landing page URL to anyone and they investigate, guess what? No cookie-stuffing will occur because they didn't arrive through your redirect link!

What about referring URLs? Flashstuffer has that covered:

  • Referrer spoofing - the referrers left at the affiliate networks are NOT the actual URLs where your cookie-stuffing code is placed (except for forum stuffing, where the referrer is the URL of the forum but you can blank the referrer to get around this). When someone investigates your referrers they'll see a decoy page. This page can be anything you want, for example make it a legit looking page with the affiliate offer clearly visible, so it looks like you're a genuine stand-up affiliate, not a sneaky cookie-stuffer!
  • Custom referrers - you can define the referrer you want to leave at the affiliate network. You can leave a referrer from ANY domain you control, even if Flashstuffer isn't installed there! Even works on Wordpress blogs, with or without permalinks enabled.
  • Dynamic custom referrers - allows you to modify the custom referrer on the fly, so for example you can make it look like all your traffic is coming from various posts on your blog instead of just one...

Of course, none of this is any good without a decent Admin Control Panel...

  • Create unlimited cookie-stuffing campaigns from the simple, clean Control Panel - no need to edit complicated .htaccess files or PHP files every time you want to start a new campaign like you do with other less user friendly scripts!
  • View the log for every cookie-stuffing campaign - shows details for every hit (IP, user-agent, date/time, country, referrer), and if the target wasn't cookie-stuffed it explains why.
  • View traffic for every cookie-stuffing campaign by minute, hour, day or week.
  • View top referrers and IPs for any campaign.
  • View stats for all your campaigns on one screen and sort results by total hits, stuffing ratio or number of cookies stuffed.
  • View stats for all your affiliate URLs so you can see which are getting stuffed the most...

...and no cookie-stuffing script is complete without a few useful utilities...

  • Affiliate Simulator - before going live with a cookie-stuffing campaign, test it on the Affiliate Simulator first. This utility simulates an affiliate network - you get an affiliate URL and a banner URL, just like you'd get with a real affiliate program, only these URLs are yours so you can see exactly what information is being passed on - referrer, IP, user-agent, date/time, country, CTR. Set up as many independent Affiliate Simulator campaigns as you want, when you're sure everything looks good you can then go live with a real affiliate URL! You can even use it to test other cookie-stuffing scripts...
  • P3P header test - checks whether an affiliate URL is setting a P3P header or not. In English, this means you can only use an affiliate URL for forum stuffing Internet Explorer users if the P3P test returns positive, if negative then sorry, won't work on Internet Explorer but will still work on Firefox.

...and a great Private Members Only area...

  • Get access to the Private Forum where you can discuss cookie-stuffing with other Flashstuffers and exchange tips and tricks.
  • Private support email - for any questions you may have...
  • FREE lifetime upgrades!
  • Traffic Cloaking Script - not just for cookie-stuffing, this PHP script can be used in any situation where you want to send traffic to any URL and fake the referrer (i.e. leave a referrer from any domain that you own or have control over). For example, if you're using blackhat methods to promote CPA offers or affiliate programs then you can send traffic there with a nice, clean legit referrer. This script alone is worth the price of the full version of Flashstuffer!

Click on the screenshots below for full size images

Each campaign has its own comprehensive activity log...

Implementation instructions and campaign stats...

Creating a campaign...

So I bet you're wondering how much all of this is gonna cost? Am I right?

Well, considering that some people charge hundreds of dollars per month for just some of the stuff you get with Flashstuffer, I think you'll be very pleased with the price I'm going to offer you:

Full version - ONLY ₤75 (British Pounds)
(via Paypal or Bitcoin)

Compare Flashstuffer to other scripts costing around the same (hell, compare it to scripts costing twice as much) and you'll have to agree that I wasn't talking B.S. when I said Flashstuffer was the best value for money cookie-stuffing script available today.

Ok, I'm in, how do I place my order?

Wooah! Hold your horses there. We've still got some more business to get through. I don't want just anyone buying this script. Cookie-stuffing is a technical activity and Flashstuffer is just a tool, not a Plug-in-and-play money making machine on autopilot. I only want the right kind of person to become a Flashstuffer purchaser - someone who knows what they're doing and just requires the best tool for the job, not some loser who thinks all they have to do is install the script and it'll start making money by itself, or someone who's going to bombard me with support emails asking all kinds of noob questions like "What's forum stuffing?"

Now before you can buy Flashstuffer - the dreaded small print (enlarged for your convenience -:)

  • Hosting requirements are: PHP5.2, 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5. MySQL5+. Apache (with mod_rewrite enabled). Ask your hosting provider if you're not sure. The following hosts will NOT work with Flashstuffer:
  • Browser requirements are Firefox 2+ or IE7+, for viewing the Admin Control Panel. May work on other browsers but the AJAX fails on IE6 and possibly others.

  • 20 URLs limit - when you buy Flashstuffer you're allowed to install it on 20 URLs (i.e. the domain and optional subdomain if using one, e.g. or just

    NOTE: you only need one installation of Flashstuffer, from there you can create unlimited campaigns and place the cookie-stuffing code on any site and leave custom referrers from any domain you control, even if Flashstuffer isn't installed there.

  • As a purchaser of Flashstuffer you'll get free lifetime upgrades and access to the Private Members Only Area (which includes a private forum and private support email).

  • You acknowledge that cookie-stuffing is against the terms and conditions of all affiliate networks/programs. You agree that Flashstuffer's creator is not liable in any way for any consequences that may result from your use of Flashstuffer.

All testimonials were provided by the Flashstuffer BETA testing team and existing customers. All are genuine but names have been changed to protect the guilty!

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on this script. All I can say is I am completely blown away with it. It really lives up to its tagline as the most advanced stuffing script availible on the market! There are so many filter options with this script and very nice security features to keep you under the radar from affiliate managers and lots more.

I would also like to say that the support has been excellent, Neil has been very helpful in answering any questions and queries I had. At the price he is selling it at and with so many features, this script is a steal.Get it while you have the chance."


"I absolutely love this software and now plan on cancelling my monthly membership at a well known stuffing subscription site. Flashstuffer is quite simply the next step in the evolution of Cookie Stuffing. Not only does it encompass every major form of stuffing, but the intelligent elegance of the software ensures you are as protected as any of the major stuffers, if not more.

In fact, with major features including dayparting your stuffs, global IP blockage, multiple stuffs via Flash (blanked or custom), Firefox friendly Favicon stuffing, double checked blanking, selective stuff settings, and about a dozen other enhancements, this polished piece of code has finally given me total control over how, when, why, and where I stuff. No stone has been left unturned in creating this cash machine and with only a few test campaigns, I effortlessly have made just under $500 in my first week alone.

On a personal note, I found Neil a pleasure to deal with, answering any questions I have promptly, and his online documentation is thorough and easy to understand. I've personally tested around a dozen scripts and stuffing subscriptions since the inception of cookie stuffing, and this is absolutely the Cadillac. My only problem is how little he is selling it for. I'd much rather keep a script this good in the hands of only a few, but oh well, sharings caring they say. I totally recommend you grab a copy. You will never look back."

Alastair, Australia

"I've been using FS for the past few weeks and I must say I'm AMAZED! I can't believe Neil has managed to pack all these wonderful features into the program and is still only charging as little as he is. I know for a fact that there's other products with the same (or less) features out there that are charging almost double per month what Neil is charging for a one off payment. Plus you actually get the software to host on your own server so no relying on a third-party who may disappear tomorrow, have server problems or some other unforeseen issue that will cause you to lose money.

Neil has also impressed me with his responsiveness to requests and minor issues that I found. He was quick to implement features and his support is excellent. He's obviously a top class programmer and tries to over deliver at every step. Well he's done it with FS and that's for sure!

I would have no hesitation in recommending FS to anybody interested in doing CS the right way, first time."


"I just wanted to take a couple minutes to personally thank you for creating such a great product and to let you know how lucky I was to be able to test it.

I have used a number of cookie stuffing scripts over the years with great success but have yet to come across a more complete and easy to use interface such as yours. I really was amazed at what Flash Stuffer was able to do, from stuffing my own pages, to forums and much more. Everything worked as advertised which really is incredible in this day and age. I was also very impressed with how fast your support was, even though I made a few suggestions which you had already implemented (due only to me not reading the manual :-)

Once again thank you and I am eagerly awaiting your official launch as well as several other people I have referred."


"This program is THE sh*t."


"I've been using the Flashstuffer for 3 months now and it's working like a beauty. **** have paid out twice - straight into my PayPal a/c. I get between 1-1500 unique visitors a day and I'm stuffing up to 200 of them and blanking Californian I.P.s - where **** is located - just to be safe. So that one site is bringing in about $100 a month just from stuffing. I'm going to ramp up the hits and increase the stuffing to 400 a day and hopefully double the income. Next step is to stuff a bunch of other sites I have. Anyway...the Flashstuffer works and has paid for itself after 2 months. Oh yeah - the dashboard is brilliant. I bought another stuffing program through *****.com and it was complete rubbish - don't go there.


How To Order

Email the following address and request Paypal or Bitcoin information for purchase of Flashstuffer:


Warning - cracked/nulled versions of FS have been reported to contain backdoors and steal your affiliate commissions, beware.

Latest version is 1.009 - anyone claiming anything different is a scammer.


Email the following address with your questions:


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